Four tips to select the right tooth brushes for your child

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Were you overwhelmed standing in front of the long aisle that is full of tooth brushes at your local drugstore or local supermarket? You are not alone. What should you choose besides your child’s favorite color?

Below are the four tips for you to purchase the right toothbrush

  1. Soft tooth brushes’ bristles are better

Most important is the selection of the bristles since they are the one which clean your child’s teeth. We may tend to think the harder the bristles are, the better they’ll clean. But that is not necessarily true. And hard bristles may damage your tooth structure and gum. Soft bristles are actually more effective in cleaning your teeth since they are flexible and able to bend and get right under your gum.

  1. Multi-level bristles design

Look for tooth brushes with angled and multiple level bristles Research showed that they are more effective in removing plaque than the ones with “flat-trim” bristle design.

  1. Appropriate tooth brush head to your child mouth

It is also important to select the right size of the brush’s head so that it can easily cover all the places that need covering, especially the back teeth.

  1. Tooth brush handles

Tooth brush handles can come in various shapes and forms. You should choose a tooth brush which has a handle that allows your child to have a comfortably firm grip and good control.

And don’t forget to replace your child’s toothbrush, when the bristles become frayed or once every three months.